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Kangaroo jumps East
Kangaroo jumps West
Fireball - A which-way Beast

Lucifer's silent ghost
Ignites his footprints
In parched ground

Mogo lioness is roaring
Her cub's eyes still closed
To the wonder, the ignorance

Charcoal homes drip fed
'Turn off life support' gives
Others a fighting chance

We're Gunna die momma
Nah! Old ones are lookin' down
Yeh! Old ones were lookin' down

Teen life Guards eyes seaward
'Swimming Prohibited' Hah!
Not Drowning, Waving

15/01/2020 David (Thank you Sebastian)

Mogo Boomerang Thank You

World Central Kitchen Bermagui

Bon App├ętit from the World Central Kitchen in Bermagui